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10 dessert recipes with cookies and crackers to sweeten your day (Photo: Disclosure)

10 dessert recipes with cookies and crackers to sweeten your day (Photo: Disclosure)

Sweet and crunchy, cookies are indispensable in many traditional dishes, such as pavês, cheesecakes, verrines, and others. Below, we’ve shared 10 delicious recipes with different types of cookies and crackers!

1. Cheesecake in a bowl with strawberry jam and biscuit

Cheesecake with strawberry jam and stuffed biscuit crumbs (Photo: Luna Garcia/Estúdio Gastronômico/Data)

Cheesecake recipe with strawberry jam and stuffed biscuit (Photo: Luna Garcia / Estúdio Gastronômico / Public)

Served glass, this cheesecake with strawberry jam is made with chocolate chip cookies with vanilla filling. Renata’s brand proposal offers six meals.

2. Matcha ice cream with crispy Japanese biscuit farofinha

Chef Renato Shoya's matcha ice cream recipe is light and easy to make (Photo: Giuliana Nogueira/Bayanai)

Matcha ice cream recipe with Japanese farofinha biscuit (Photo: Giuliana Nogueira / Disclosure)

Matcha, which is common in oriental cuisine, is a powdered form of green tea. The ingredient is good for balancing desserts, as is the case with this ice cream created by the chef. Renato Shoyafrom the restaurant Izakaya Taka. Used with the Japanese biscuit Farofinha, the recipe makes four meals.

3. Bavaroise coffee

Coffee bavaroise pastry recipe Joselia Sardeiro, from Windsor Marapendi (Photo: Disclosure)

Coffee bavaroise pastry recipe Joselia Sardeiro (Photo: Disclosure)

Bavaroise or Bavarian cream is a dessert made from milk, eggs, sugar and gelatin.
Pastry chef at Windsor Marapendi, Joselia Sardeiroteaches a step-by-step recipe for coffee bavaroise, which takes champagne biscuits in the assembly.

4. Banofee cake with a layer of ice cream and caramelized bananas

Finish the banofee cake with caramelized bananas and walnuts on a layer of vanilla ice cream (Photo: Disclosure / Häagen-Dazs)

Banoffee recipe with caramelized bananas and walnuts on top of vanilla ice cream (Photo: Handout / Häagen-Dazs)

A chef and influencer Larissa January, in collaboration with Häagen-Dazs, teaches how to prepare a thin banofee cake. In addition to the crust, dulce de leche, banana and whipped cream, the dessert has vanilla ice cream.

5. Biscuit Verrine

Biscuit verrine is a light and sweet dessert with a sophisticated preparation process (Photo: Luna Garcia/Estúdio Gastronômico/Data)

Biscuit verrine recipe with cherry and red wine syrup (Photo: Luna Garcia / Estúdio Gastronômico / Disclosure)

Biscuit verrine, suggested by the brand Renata, has vanilla cream, crushed biscuits, cherries and red wine. The recipe is easy to prepare and impressive in presentation.

6. Nut pavé with dulce de leche

Nut recipe (Photo: Luna Garcia/Gastronomy Studio/Info)

Recipe for pavé with walnuts and dulce de leche (Photo: Luna Garcia / Estúdio Gastronômico / Public)

Super flexible, pavé can handle most fillings. the cooks Helian Fonseca same to you Aline Novais original they decided to make it even crunchier with nut cream, with a layer of milk cookies. Renata’s recipe makes eight servings and takes 1 hour to prepare, plus 5 hours in the fridge.

7. Italian straw with brigadeiro

In order for it to form, leave the Italian straw in the refrigerator overnight before cutting into pieces (Photo: Disclosure)

Italian straw recipe with brigadeiro (Photo: Disclosure)

Despite the name, Italian straw has many Brazilian characteristics. Dessert is a variation of dessert Italian salami al chocolate which, originally, is made of dry biscuits and cream based on chocolate, sugar, butter and eggs. Around here, it is matched with the traditional brigadeiro and corn biscuits. cook recipe Roberta Ferraro for Confeitaria Dulca produces 15 units.

8. Dark chocolate cake

The suggestion is to decorate your dark chocolate cake with figs, raspberries and pistachios (Photo: Disclosure)

Dark chocolate cake recipe with figs, raspberries and pistachios (Photo: Disclosure)

This chocolate tart with figs, raspberries and pistachios takes cracker biscuits in the crumbs in the dough. The Lindt recipe includes 78% cocoa dark chocolate and can be garnished with any fruit of your choice.

9. Tiramisu

Finish the tiramisu with a generous aroma of cocoa and some edible flowers (Photo: Disclosure / D'autore)

Tiramisu recipe finished with a generous layer of cocoa and some edible flowers (Photo: Disclosure / D’autore)

Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, consisting of layers of champagne biscuits soaked in coffee and cream on top of mascarpone cheese. In the D’autore restaurant recipe, one of the layers has a biscuit soaked in wine.

10. Buffalo ricotta cheesecake

Buffalo ricotta cheesecake can be served with your favorite syrup.  A sure choice is red fruit juice, as in the picture above (Photo: Disclosure)

Buffalo ricotta cheesecake recipe finished with fruit syrup (Photo: Disclosure)

Cheesecake has only two ingredients in the dough: butter and corn cookies. To help maintain a balanced diet, Bistrô Charlô, in collaboration with Búfalo Dourado, bet on the filling of buffalo ricotta.

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