12 days to go: Brazilian women voters and voters abroad prepare to exercise their right to vote

Brazil’s diplomatic representatives around the world expect to find in 181 places abroad, on October 2 and October 30, 697,078 voters who live outside the country who want to elect the president of the country. The Regional Electoral Tribunal (TRE-DF), responsible for the so-called ZZ Zone – which includes all overseas voters – reported that there was a 39.21% increase in the number of voters since last general election. 2018.

According to the head of the registrar’s office of the ZZ zone, Juliana Bandeira, 989 electronic voting machines have been prepared and sent abroad. In addition, another 29 ballot boxes will be sent to areas where there are customs problems in the installation of electronic equipment, energy shortages, political conflicts or a shortage of voters.

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The foreign city that will have the most debris is Lisbon, in Portugal, where 51 facilities have gone. There are 45,273 voters. The largest electoral colleges for Brazilians and Brazilians outside of Brazil are in the United States, with approximately 183,000, Portugal, with 80,896, and Japan, with 76,570 female voters.

How is the election?

The Electoral Law establishes a minimum of 30 voters as a condition for the establishment of polling stations abroad. The polling booths work at the headquarters of the embassies, in the embassies or in the places where there are services of the Brazilian government. Foreign residents can vote for the President of the Republic.

A Brazilian woman or a Brazilian citizen residing in another country can obtain a voting card through the Tatulo Net platform, at the TSE Portal on the Internet. To be eligible to vote in the 2022 general election, an application for voter registration or change of residence must be submitted before May 4, when voter registration closes for election preparations.

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It is not necessary to go to the diplomatic representative office to withdraw a new voter card. Once prepared, it can be viewed through the e-Título application, which can be downloaded for free from online stores for iOS and Android operating systems. BOTANY app They can still be printed at Voters’ Self-Service, and are available on the TSE Channel.

To vote, it is enough for the voter or voter to present an official document with a photo or a type of voter registration card provided by the e-Título app with a photo. The polling place is also notified through the same tool, or through the “Voting Place” option of Voter Self-Service.

The first and second round of elections will be held abroad at the same time as the Brazilian elections will take place from 8 am to 5 pm local time.

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