6 recipes by Bruno Salomão, from Vai Ter Churras

It’s barbecue chicken. There are people who don’t even look at it, and some people let it and eat it after the beef has been slaughtered.

But this article proves, through six video recipes, that chicken can be the king of explosions – just know how to do it!

Watch some of the best episodes of “Vai Ter Churras”, hosted by Nossa, and learn:

1. Spicy Skewer

This is the most democratic way to serve barbecue. With the parts prepared on a skewer – which must be soaked in water for half an hour before cooking so that it does not catch fire – everyone eats the same food.

Usually 100 grams per unit. Producer Bruno Salomão uses boneless drumsticks, without skin and fat, cut into two fingers on the pick.

For each kilogram, a two-hour marinade is made that contains a tablespoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper, 1/3 of a teaspoon of whole spices (learn the recipe here), half a teaspoon of paprika, A pinch of cayenne pepper and a pinch of cumin.

The important thing is not to mix chicken with other meat since, to avoid contamination, the white meat must be used properly.

2. Useful barrel speed

Forestry glass can have two problems. Introducing a red color around the bone that makes guests turn up their noses and gives the baker trouble turning one after another on the grill. Bruno has a solution to both questions.

To avoid a strange color, just cut off the two cartilages in the piece. “Also, the water goes away during cooking and the chicken is white”.

Another tip is to invest in a grill to make life easier for the building commander. It allows all the wing drums to be arranged and rotated simultaneously.

But the most important thing is the spices. In a blender, the expert beat the beer, garlic, onion, bay leaf, mayonnaise, salt, black pepper, oregano, pepper and paprika (see the exact proportions in the video above).

3. Spicy buffalo wings

A typical American recipe consists of the middle of a fat chicken wing filled with buffalo sauce, based on pepper and butter. Before cooking, Bruno makes a basic marinade in which the chicken is submerged for at least two hours.

For every kilogram of meat, use a can of wine, a dessert spoon of salt and two spoons of full spices (learn here). After the indicated time, the chickens need to be dried with a paper towel to get wet. Another trick that helps with crusts made on the grill or air fryer is a sprinkle of baking soda.

In a hot pan, add a cup of hot sauce, half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. When it boils, add 100 grams of butter and mix with a fouet until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

4. Thigh with a perfect crust

Guest on “Vai Ter Churras,” TV presenter Rick Bolzani teaches a simple chicken that bursts with flavor thanks to dry spices called dry.

A barrel of fifteen units applies “magic powder” which consists of five spoons of interfine salt, five spoons of demerara sugar, two paprika, half of black pepper and one of mustard powder, garlic powder and onion powder or flakes.

After waiting for the spices to absorb for five minutes, it’s time to take the chicken to the grill. It bakes, skin side down, until it reaches an internal temperature of 62 degrees and has a brown color and caramelization of sugar. After turning, the barrel takes five more minutes to finish.

5. Whole chicken same as padoca

How about imitating breaded chicken on the grill? For the whole bird to achieve water and juiciness, Bruno teaches two important techniques. The first is to marinate the chicken overnight in a mixture of wine, mayonnaise, salt, sugar and spices (see the correct ratio in the video above).

The second way is to put butter sprinkled with garlic, basil, salt and pepper between the meat and the skin of the chicken to add moisture to the request. It must be done after fitting the animal on the skewer. When exposed to heat, the butter melts, penetrates the fibers and causes the skin to swell.

At about 1.5 kilos, the whole chicken serves four people and is ready in two hours on the grill. From this moment, use the last twenty minutes to change the bird and let the surface caramelize like a paddock type. It is ready when the temperature between the thigh and the barrel reaches 72 to 75 degrees.

5. Little heart

Barbecue without chicken heart is not enough! A Brazilian tradition, the child is bathed for two hours in a marinade full of spices. Check out the recipe by clicking the image below:

Marinade for chicken (barbecue)

Ease of suffering

10 min

see the full recipe

The easiest way to prepare it on the grill is to skewer it one by one on a skewer, always keeping everyone in the same direction.

The head part starts facing up. Otherwise, the accumulated fat drips and can cause accidents. Eight to twelve minutes in the heat is enough time to cook the heart.

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