A 50-year-old man died in a car accident on MT 338 in Tapurah

He was in a truck that overturned at 100 km of the highway. The victim was trapped in the equipment, requiring action from the Fire Department of Lucas do Rio Verde

A 50-year-old man died on Sunday (18) after a truck overturned on MT 338, in Tapurah. The body was stuck in the equipment, requiring action from the Fire Department of Lucas do Rio Verde to extricate the victim.

According to information from the fire department, the agency was called to remove the body of the deceased at about 6:30 in the morning. Two soldiers attended the incident.

People used a tractor to overturn the truck. “So it was discovered that the victim, in fact, was already dead, but the equipment was completely stuck, because the house was badly damaged, which indicates the accident that the car had with the ground,” he said. , in a note, Dept. of Fire.

Photo: Sgt PM Edvaney

The work of rescuing the body from the wreckage took about two hours. The soldiers used a cutting and mixing machine, in addition to the support of a tractor with a steel cable and a hook that was there. “The technique used is the folding of a part of the back roof. It was very difficult to get into the car itself, so the soldiers worked in peace, seeing that apart from the PM and PJC, there are some famous people near the place”.

The body of the 50-year-old man was released to Politec, for the usual measures. “The victim, CRV, male and 50 years old, is suspected to be living in Tapurah-MT. In the case, there are some signs that she used drugs, something that can only be confirmed by official expertise”, said the Ministry of Fire.

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