Aussie Grill offers a special Bacon Sauce recipe

Where there is flavor, there is pork! Bacon Day (August 31st) is over, but it’s time to celebrate the day with a good sandwich, made especially with the sauce of this famous ingredient. Aussie Grill, a restaurant that works 100% in the delivery system through iFood, offers food focused on chicken protein made in a strict way, offering unique recipes! Among the good options is the “Bacon Jam” sauce.

It is developed with pieces of pork mixed with caramelized onions in a radical preparation, the sauce is suitable for boldness and taste. It is a preparation that makes the bitter taste very clear. It is specially made to provide an interesting and different experience for the pleasure time, it is exclusive of the brand.

For Marisa Palhares, Marketing Manager at Bloomin’ Brands in Brazil, the company that holds the Aussie Grill chain as well as Outback Steakhouse and Abraccio restaurants, this is one of the best combinations on the brand’s menu. “The bakers are responsible for giving a special touch to the products we offer on the menu, whether it’s a sandwich or even a crispy chicken, whatever our customers prefer. The recipe for ‘Bacon Jam’ has been developed to increase the taste, since chicken and pork proteins are perfectly compatible”, emphasized the executive.

Among the main orders with this sauce is the famous Jammin’ Chicken Sandwich, a sandwich that combines tender chicken breast, served with lettuce, tomato, smoked mayonnaise and melt-in-the-first bite cheddar cheese – all on a bun. it is very new. Those who like it, can still order different sauces from delicious Crispy Chicken Tenders, and crunched chicken strips, breaded and fried.

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