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It’s not yet the season of sundried tomatoes, but whoever is back, has been re-released straight from the 1990s. Caesar salad. A lover of menus at the time, Caesar was always there. But, let’s face it, it’s never been treated well here – anything that includes greens, thick, heavy sauces, grilled chicken, mostly dry, and chunks of cheese on top, is called for. Caesar. With joy, some cooks looked at her again with love and care. In the authentic versions, some may not be traditional, but with an appreciation for the details that make it traditional.

Classic caesar salad recipe Photo: Fernando Sciarra|Estadão

“Who doesn’t like a good Caesar salad? But there are Caesars and Caesars, they really have to be well prepared, everything is done well, with good and fresh ingredients”, agreed the chef Carla Pernambuco, who worked on the classic version in Carlota. age.

There’s no denying the power of a Caesar salad: crisp lettuce leaves with sour cream, a strong dressing, a cloud of shredded Parmesan cheese on top, and croutons. When prepared correctly, it is a salad with many characteristics: in addition to taste, it is a true revolution of diversity.

There are many versions of its origin, the most well-known is that the salad was invented by Caesar Citadini, an American immigrant in 1920, who would live in Tijuana, Mexico, to escape illegal activities. Before long, his restaurant began to attract famous Americans, who crossed the border, drank, ate, crossed the border and back. sauce, an emulsion based on olive oil, garlic, yolk, Parmesan and, mainly, anchovies would have been improved on a working day. Over time, he found new varieties, he was and is very successful in the United States and in restaurants around the world, the most popular with grilled chicken. But the origin is simple – and wonderful.

Wafu Caesar, from Kotori, a modern version of chef Thiago Bañares' salad

Wafu Caesar, from Kotori, a modern version of chef Thiago Bañares’ salad Photo: Tati Frison

This journalist who wrote to you was an unconditional Caeser fan, his simplicity and strength made me as happy as pasta. It has this ability to be the only salad worthy of a delicious meal.

I recently discovered a fellow devotee, the former editor-in-chief of the American food magazine Bon Appetit, Molly Baz. She published many of Caesar’s recipes, which she fondly called fight salt (short for Caesar Salad) – on her Instagram page (@mollybaz) she explained herself Cae Sal the Patient (Caesar salad enthusiast). So, I take the liberty of making your words my own:

“If it’s done right, it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life. But if it’s done wrong, it’s a disappointment, a waste of time.”

Caesar’s perfect recipe calls for attention to detail. “The croutons should be made the day before serving,” says Carla. On this page, you can see other details for the perfect Caesar.

+ GREEK: Caesar salad

In recent days, there has been a revival of this old love in the menus of the city. Among my favorites is the version that chef Thiago Banares created for Kotori, your home dedicated to chicken skewers. Wafu Caesar is not, let’s say, the best traditional version, but it really follows the original premises: romaine lettuce, it has a creamy and strong sauce, it is crispy because of the fried chicken skin instead of croutons and, of course, another plenty of layers of Parmesan cheese in extra thin flakes. It is also finished with mitsuba, fried Japanese parsley and slices of grilled chicken.

Evvita Caesar Salad

Evvita Caesar Salad Photo: Tadeu Brunelli

In the hands of chef Luiz Filipe Souza, it was once a snack to eat with your hands in Evvai’s award-winning tasting menu, and today it is served in the restaurant. avoidyour home-steady, with grilled romaine lettuce, smoked chicken and grilled Tulha cheese.

Among the best types I like in the city are Teus restaurant, it’s also the same (with or without chicken), and Bráz Elettrica pizzeria – I told you I like Caesar a lot, even to the pizza exchange. for him.

For a perfect Caesar salad

– lettuce

The glory of a great Caesar lies in the juxtaposition of fat romaine lettuce and oil dressing. Keep the lettuce cold until serving so as not to disturb this balance. Otherwise, you will eat vegetables covered with mayonnaise.

– Croutons

The better the bread, the better your croutons. Keep a few slices of this sourdough bread you have on hand in the freezer and make a handful of croutons the day you make your salad.

– Cheese

The same rule goes for Parmesan, the better the cheese, the better. It is also worth using their relatives: parmigiano reggiano or grana padano, they work. When finished, the best thing is thin flakes, not flakes, but a light cloud of Parmesan.

– Anchovies

It’s not a conversation, behind them is the spirit of the soup, the umami and its power will make your mouth want another bite. You will not taste fish.

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