Capricorn zodiac sign prediction today, September 20, 2022

During the day, your instincts will rise rapidly and you will throw everything at every level completely. Keep calm or lose what you have achieved so far, take your time today.

Capricorn zodiac characteristics

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its element is earth, and that of Taurus and Virgo.

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This symbol brings a sense of truth, it is as uncertain as the Law of Gravity. On an energetic level, Capricorn is dedicated to working for the good of society and is associated with “initiation”. On a daily and psychological level, Capricorn experiences this interaction with an unquestionable human need as a desperate need.

He answers his opinion of “everything that needs to be done” from a radical, responsible and powerful point of view. Pressure and tension, he tries to leave everything without mistakes and hates the unexpected. An unspeakable fear only reinforces his stubborn style.

Being the sign of the number 10, it is associated with success and perfection and occupies the highest place – it is on the top – of the zodiac wheel, which makes him believe that he has a “camete” somewhere. It is like a priority in the highest position in the zodiac that it observes – from above – the signs that preceded it.

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Date of signature: 12/22 to 01/20
Guardian Angel: abandon
Tip of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 86-54-10-30-96-14-78

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