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In this article you will get to know Mary de Santa Maria da Serra’s pastry and Rotisserie.

In the midst of the pandemic of 2020 and the closing of the family’s Pousada, Mary and Cláudio decided to open Mary’s Bike and Rotisserie, which worked very well.

Then Mary took the traditional family recipe to the Rotisserie to give the public, in addition to lunch boxes, a gastronomic experience with the taste that she had already used to represent the city in gastronomic events such as Cassava Gnocchi.

– Photo: Public: Serra do Itaqueri Association

Located on Rua Cel. José Antônio Frota n 810 In the town of Santa Maria da Serra, Rostisserie has a varied menu of pasta, meat, salads, snacks and desserts. The foot works mainly to order, but if you prefer you can try Mary’s delight on the site as well.

To join the 1st Delicias da Serra do Itaqueri, Mary and Cláudio chose Cassava Gnocchi with Rib Ragu. The gnocchi is made with cassava produced in the city using a family recipe, and the lamb ribs (a dish made on cooked meat) and cheese add that special touch to the dish.

I tried it and I can assure you it is delicious!

Cassava Gnocchi with Rib Ragu

When buying Cassava Gnocchi with Rib Ragu, you will receive a Printed Guide to the 1st Pleasures of Serra do Itaqueri and a stamp on the gift of your choice, which are: Using the Sun and Cassorova, Saltão or Recanto das Cachoeiras.

– Photo: Public: Serra do Itaqueri Association

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– Photo: Public: Serra do Itaqueri Association

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