Check out eight options for playing at home

Get ready to dirty your table and tent with flour because today is Cookie Day – or cookies, depending on where you live. The national festival is held on July 20, a variety of foods can please different people.

This is because it appears in a sweet and salty form, with a soft or soft form, and it can still be stuffed. All this, of course, will depend on the recipe.

We have selected eight programs to give birth at home and, who knows, with the help of children. Vanessa Magalhaes, cake shop Senac of Rio de Janeiro, he said Cookies often attract young children: “the dough looks like modeling clay”.

M, biscuit is a good choice to prepare with children

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Bet on different cutters and utensils to make the job more fun. Just make sure to store it well to enjoy the treat for a long time. “Store in the fridge in a jar with a lid to keep moisture in and keep cookies looking good.”

Check out the recipe below:

Apply the ganache

The neutral dough gets better with chocolate ganache. If you want more flavor, you can add essence, like vanilla, or citrus zest. Orange usually goes well with cocoa.

Biscuit with chocolate ganache

jam packed

With two cookies you can make a kind of “casadinho”. With a hole in the middle of the surface, the red filling is clear and attractive.

Biscuit with strawberry jam

Two Coconuts

The wafer, which has two types of coconut, is made with a simple meringue base. Just twenty minutes in the oven to get light and delicious cookies.

Coconut cookies

Ease of suffering

60 min

see the full recipe

coconut flavor

You know the fortune cookie you get when you eat at a Chinese restaurant? You can make it at home with five ingredients: flour, sugar, egg whites, salt and vanilla essence. The biggest challenge is to mold them while they are still hot.

Chinese fortune cookie

Ease of suffering

25 servings

40 min

see the full recipe

classic sprinkle

The delicious sweet potato takes an hour to prepare at home. The secret lies in burning flour and sugar with a mixture of hot water, oil and milk. Just don’t let the lumps come out.

Sprinkle Biscuit

Ease of suffering

40 servings

60 min

see the full recipe

I’m crazy

This cookie is as easy as counting “1, 2, 3”. Sugar, butter and wheat flour are mixed in a bowl, shaped and put in the oven. For a fun look, use yellow food coloring to dye most of the dough to mimic lemons.

A little lemon 1,2,3

Ease of suffering

35 meals

30 min

see the full recipe

it’s just nice to say

In addition to wheat flour, the recipe uses corn starch. But the presence of milk is not new, which is added – and not replaced – sugar.

Creamy Milk Biscuits

accompanied by tea

Fragrant, the cookie takes green tea and orange peel. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator before cutting and placing in the oven. While it is baking for five minutes, prepare the tea.

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