Check out this weekend’s lasagna recipe

She is always around and she is not welcome. Recurring on the pages – printed or online – of cookbooks, lasagna is easy to recreate when it leaves the protected area of ​​more traditional flavors, such as bolognese and sugo.

Nothing beats the taste of these famous soups. But how about going beyond familiar recipes and expanding your menu horizons?

You will definitely not regret to make or taste two delicious things that lead to the recommendations of this weekend’s taste adventure: chicken lasagna with cream cheese and pork and shrimp lasagna.

It’s hard to hear of anyone hating a plate of lasagna anywhere in the world, even in Italy.

But despite the zero rejection rate, lasagna is not very popular in all regions of its country. In Emilia-Romagna, which has the city of Bologna as its capital, and, in a short time, in Tuscany, the item appeared in the menus.


In any case, it is the number one dough in the country priority. And the traditional recipe from the north of the country shows that the number of dough must be exactly four. There, the layer is more or less lasagna.

For Italians, the recipe consists of sheets of fresh pasta made from wheat flour and eggs, with a béchamel sauce made from milk, flour and butter, beef and pork and pork ragout with generous amount of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Even with many theories counted in favor of the common people, the origin of lasagna is sometimes questioned. Right from ancient times, the Greeks and Romans were in search of a writer. Much later, the English entered the debate of “MasterChef of history” in who is the lasagna.


The word originates from the Greek word “lasanon”, which means a pot of four and ended up changing, in the Roman Empire, to “lasanum”, meaning a cooking pot.

The Italians used the word to describe the dish where – as it is known today – lasagna is made. Some evidence points to a dish known as “loseyns”, which was eaten at the court of King Richard II in the 14th century.

British researchers tried to prove the father of delicious food with the book, “Form of Cury”, the cookbook of the group responsible for the diet of Richard II. Since 1390, the compendium mentions “loseyns” – the name “lasans”.

The point is that this dough made from unknown grains, with “good” broth, spices like cinnamon and saffron and grated cheese, does not contain tomatoes or any kind of meat. So it was easy for the Italians to win the game.


In today’s recipe, the show brings the simplest pasta, semolina. This does not mean, again, that you cannot use the product with eggs, green pasta (with spinach) or even clear pasta with other types of flour.

The items listed here to vary the preparations – chicken, shrimp, cream cheese, etc. – are just some of the list that can be extensive.

Who rules, as always, is your imagination. Lasagna can be made even with vegetables. Famous chefs recommend, for example, carrots, green beans, zucchini, eggplant and spinach. And yes, tomatoes are desirable. fingernail! Now, get to work and eat.

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