Choose light foods to counter the heat

In recent days, the Federal District has experienced heatwaves with extreme temperatures, reaching 35ºC in some areas. In addition, the humidity of the air is low, it is between 20% and 10% during the day. At this time of the year, many people are looking to eat without warming up their bodies too much, opting for light meals. Therefore, restaurants in the city are betting on delicious recipes in an effort to reduce the effects of the drought in Brasilia.

Poke, a traditional Hawaiian recipe, is one of my stars Oh God, I’m Hao (Águas Claras) is a great choice for the season. The house offers the option to mix, from R$ 48.90, ideal to personalize the dish with your favorite ingredients, with more than 50 items to choose from, including rice, shrimp, fish, shimeji and vegetables Side dishes like beets, carrots, cashews. nuts, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, fat corn, peas, quinoa, etc.


In Bla (406 North) a good choice, to start, is the Peruvian-style ceviche (R$ 29.90): white fish in cubes, with lemon, lime and ginger sauce, with fat corn, red onion and potato; or tuna tartar (R$34.90): selected tuna, thinly sliced, with oriental sauce, sunomono and straw leek with nori grass. The house also has a salad (R$39.90), and you can add protein to the dish: shrimp (R$29.90), fish (R$25.90), chicken (R$19.90) or filet mignon (R$29.90).


for everyone who goes Le Parisien (103 Norte), as a starter, the best option is the frisée aux lardons (R$38): frisée lettuce salad with pork lardon, mollet egg, onion and smoked ham and dijon mustard vinaigrette. For the main course, the restaurant has steak tartare (R$82): raw beef cut into small cubes and served with a sweet mustard sauce, capers, pickles and onions. Served with frisée lettuce salad and fries.


In Creative Kitchen vegetables (202 Sul), Horta Week menu (R$54.90 – two courses | R$64.90 – three courses) features grilled tilapia served with a mixture of citrus grains, grilled vegetables on the parrilla and mango and lime sauce among suggestions for dishes to choose from. . The option gives you access to the salad buffet as a starter. The menu also includes Sealed Salmão do Horta (R$54.90) served with orange and ginger sauce, black rice with seeds and grilled vegetables.

If you are looking for a snack or even a good sandwich, yes Mint Essential Coffee (402 Sul) offers a delicious grill, in the classic versions (R$8), avocado (R$18), hummus (R$18) and tofu (R$21). To accompany, sweet drinks, such as signature Italian sodas, made with red fruit (R$15), ginger (R$15), green apple (R$18) and coconut (R$18); or even iced coffee, such as cold water (R$14) with natural tangerine aroma; and frappe (R$19) with the aroma of peppermint.



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