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Learn how to make Dark Chocolate and Apricot Pave, White Chocolate Brownie and Tart Chips and Coconut Icing

By Tatiane Almeida – Press porter

July 31, 2022 at 9:37 am

On July 20, Biscuit Day is celebrated, a useful food, it is eaten as a snack in sweet or salty form and can create different uses in different recipes. To honor the date, Adria, M. Dias Branco brand of pasta, cookies and bread, proposes two recipes with an amazing taste thanks to the flavor and texture of the cookies.

The first recommendation is the classic, Bitter Chocolate and Apricot Pavé, which combines the wonderful taste of the fruit with the crunchiness of the Adria Stuffed Biscuit. White Chocolate Brownie and Tart Chips is a different option with a special touch of Adria Tarts. Finish with a sweet coconut spread.

Dark chocolate and apricot pavé

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300 g of hydrated dried apricots
4 tablespoons of sugar
500 g of semisweet chocolate
4 packs of UHT sour cream (800 g)
3 packs of Adria Mousse Biscuit with chocolate flavor
2 spoons of cocoa powder

Preparation mode

In a pan, put the apricots with the water used to make water and sugar. Bring to a boil over low heat, with the pan covered, stirring occasionally, for about 2 hours or until it becomes a puree. Remove from heat and wait until it cools down. Place the chocolate in the refractory, add the cream and microwave on medium power for 3 minutes, stirring in half. Remove from the microwave and, with a spatula, stir well until the cream is smooth and creamy. In the middle of the rectangular refractory (21 cm x 30 cm), spread a layer of ganache and, on top of it, place another layer of cookies. Then make the ganache again with two biscuit layers, then spread the apricot jam and finish with the rest of the ganache. Sprinkle with cocoa powder, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.
Chef’s tip: To soak apricots, put them in a bowl and pour 1 liter of water. Cover and leave overnight at room temperature. Save this liquid for making jam.
Servings: 12 servings

White Chocolate Brownie and Tart Chips

300g chopped white chocolate
100 g margarine without salt
1 and a half cups of sugar
4 eggs
1 pinch of salt
1 and a half cups (tea) of Adria Premium Wheat
1 pack of Chopped Adria Chocolate Tarts
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Preparation mode

In the refractory, put chocolate with margarine and microwave for 3 minutes, stirring in half. Mix well to get a smooth cream consistency. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the sugar with the eggs. Slowly add the chocolate chips. Mix with salt, wheat flour and tartlets. Turn on the oven at medium temperature (180 ° C – 200 ° C) to heat for 15 minutes. Put the dough in a small rectangular baking pan (height 18 cm x 27 cm x 5 cm), greased with flour. Bake for about 45 minutes or until golden, with the center still creamy. Wait for it to cool before cutting.
Cook’s tip: To brown before slicing, arrange on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and flour.
Servings: 18 servings

Pave Coconut

Coconut cream
(½ liter of milk
8 beards
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 can of condensed milk
300g grated fresh coconut
200 ml of coconut milk
2 tablespoons of corn starch
4 drops of vanilla essence

1 pack of Adria Lemon Flavor Biscuit Tarts
150g grated toasted coconut
1 lemon

for a meeting
1 packet Maizena Biscuit (Adria
1 ½ cups of chocolate liquor

Preparation mode

Boil ½ liter of milk and let it cool. Then turn the yolks through a sieve and take them to the mixer with sugar and beat them until they turn white. Then add the milk slowly, then add the breast milk, fresh coconut, coconut milk, corn, and cook on low heat, stirring frequently until it thickens. Remove from heat, add a drop of vanilla essence, stir gently, let cool and set aside.

Roof: Place the biscuit filling in a food processor and blend until smooth. Mix the farofa biscuit with burnt coconut and lemon and keep aside.

Climbing: In a large refractory, mix the pavé as follows: sour cream, cornstarch biscuit soaked in chocolate liqueur, sour cream, corn biscuit soaked in chocolate liqueur, sour cream, finished with a stuffed puff pastry , burnt coconut and lemon zest. Refrigerate for 3 hours before serving.

Activities: 15 pieces

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