CRE approved the installation of the OECD office in Brazil

In 2017, Brazil announced its accession to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an organization that brings together 38 countries that are among the most powerful economies in the world. This Tuesday (20), another step forward was taken. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate (CRE) approved an agreement between Brazil and the OECD, with the aim of establishing an office of the organization in the Brazilian region (PDL 253/2021).

The reporter at CRE is Senator Plínio Valério (PSDB-AM), who remembers that the cooperation between Brazil and the OECD dates back to the 1990s and is increasing every year.

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– Brazil joined the OECD in the 1990s. Since then, Brazil has participated in 26 committees of this organization. There is already close cooperation between Brazil and the OECD, although we are not yet an effective member of this entity. The main objective of the OECD office in Brazil is to ensure the effective implementation of cooperation activities and to be a point of contact between the Brazilian authorities responsible for cooperation with the OECD secretariat, and we are taking a step to ensure physical integration.” he explained.

In a document sent to the CRE, Itamaraty explained that in 2007 the OECD launched a development program aimed at strengthening relations with five selected developing countries (South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia), while now considered senior partners (senior partners). In this effort, Itamaraty added that Brazil has already complied with the 34 rules of law of the organization. More than 80% of the 126 projects planned in the plan have been completed or are already underway.

The review of the agreement to open the office now goes to the Senate.

other agreements

CRE also approved Brazil’s accession to the Geneva Convention of the Hague Convention on the International Registration of Industrial Designs (PDL 274/2022). The reporter is Senator Esperidião Amin (PP-SC), who considers that Brazil has become attractive for international investment after joining the international agreement.

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– The inclusion of Brazil in the international system of registration of industrial designs aims to give national users, when registering their inventions, the possibility of obtaining protection quickly and easily in the territories of 92 countries, which are almost all major countries like America. Japan, England and the European Union, as well as major developing countries such as Russia, Turkey and Mexico. And companies from these countries will have the same ease of registering designs in the Brazilian market, which will reduce transaction costs and Brazil should be attractive for investment, especially in the fields of design and innovation,” said Amin.

CRE also approved a cooperation agreement between Brazil and Chile in the field of security. Both agreements will be vetted by the Senate.

Also this Tuesday, CRE declared Senator Margareth Buzetti (PP-MT) as the head of the organization until February 2023, in place of Senator Kátia Abreu (PP-TO), who has a license from this position.

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