Discover 8 cooking tips to save recipes

Imagine this scenario: It’s Sunday, the day to welcome family or friends to a party you’re planning. The spirits are great and the expectations are the best, but in the process, something changed or something that was overdone ended up ruining the whole dish?

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And now? What to do? Know that all is not lost! Despite the mistakes in the kitchen, there are a number of useful kitchen hacks that will help you fix the mistakes so that you don’t lose the dish you prepared.

burning rice

Starting with the basics: Is the rice burnt? Can be saved! Remove the unburned part of the pan. Carefully transfer to another container. Once this is done, place two half onions right in the middle of the burnt one, cover and wait for five minutes. Yes, the onion will taste and smell burnt.

beans beans

Follow the “beans and rice” technique: to save some beans, just put some cabbage leaves or sliced ​​potatoes in a pan, leave it on the fire for a few minutes. Do this when the beans are ready, it will be better.

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Burnt, hard or salty meat

One of the proteins that Brazilians love, without a doubt, is meat. Yes, even they can be returned. If it burns, the excess can be cut off and fried for a few minutes. Then, add water or broth in the pan to fix.

If the meat is tough, place slices of fruit on top of it while cooking. Surprisingly, he drinks fruit juice and gets juice.

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Now, if the meat is salty, don’t worry: add a sour sauce made of flour and water to the dish. Another way is to add chopped cabbage or zucchini to the recipe, as both foods help absorb salt from the food.

a lot of garlic

Did you overdo it? To soften the taste of this magic spell, the trick is to put the recipe back on the fire, add a little parsley and let it cook a little longer. The parsley will absorb the excess garlic flavor.

water puree

The puree in the Brazilian dish needs to be perfect. And since no one deserves to eat pure water, to fix it, just add powdered milk or cornstarch to the recipe. Therefore, the puree gets a thick consistency, without much effort.

dry vegetables

Do you want to know how to make fresher salads even with soft vegetables? Put them in half a liter of water and add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Let the mixture sit for a while, then carefully dry all the vegetables. Watch the magic happen!

burn cake

As with burnt meat, to deal with a burnt cookie is the same: use a cheese grater under it, as it helps to remove what is damaged.

pancake stuck

Yes, you can solve the recipe for breakfast or that special lunch. If this happens, add a little flour to the dough. Another option is to heat the skillet with a little oil before frying the pancakes or crepes.

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