Expoflora, in Holambra (SP), offers “stroopwafels” and sweets with edible flowers

FASHION: The main exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin America, in Holambra (SP), is also a feast of tastes with the presentation of gastronomic novelties – sweet and savory – inspired by the cuisine of the Netherlands . The event follows the 25th of this month, from Friday to Sunday, from 9 am to 7 pm Photo: Juliana Lazarini

The largest exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin America, in Holambra (SP), is also a feast of tastes with the presentation of new gastronomic experiences – sweet and savory – inspired by the cuisine of the Netherlands. The event follows the 25th of this month, from Friday to Sunday, from 9 am to 7 pm

A classic Dutch biscuit, too “stroopwafel” (waffle stuffed with caramel), gets new different toppings and is even decorated with edible flowers, like a christened lion. “Bloom Pot” (flower in a pot). Even ice cream has a cookie flavor and is used as a filling stroopwafel, it is more refreshing.

These are some of the gastronomic novels that restaurants, ice cream parlors and restaurants will present in the 39th edition of Expoflora, the largest exhibition of flowers and decorative plants in Latin America, which will take place until the 25th of this month, from 9 am to 7 pm, in Holambra, located in the city of São Paulo.

Also, there are new recipes using delicious Dutch food such as potatoes, sausages frankfurter, sauerkraut, chicken croquette and pork.

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Martin Holanda’s restaurant and food created by “Stroopwafel Gourmet Martin”. The new product takes care of the original tradition of the biscuit, with caramel filling, but new things in terms of coverage and size. There are seven types of sweets that Brazilians love: Ovaltine, Oreo, Kit Kat, speculaas, white chocolate, colorful sprinkles and marshmallow. Plus, it’s twice the size of a traditional Dutch cookie.

“This product is designed to be consumed immediately, hot, which makes the experience even more amazing, but the new packaging is important, practical and easy to handle, so that the cookie can be enjoyed anywhere” , said Frank Martin. Gerritsen, owner of Martin Dutch.

It is worth remembering that stroopwafel he is very old. It was first produced in Holland in the 18th century, when the Dutch East India Company was exploring important trade routes, such as South Africa, the Caribbean and Indonesia. It is the combination of spices from her regions that allows the creation of this classic cookie, made with a dough based on cinnamon and caramel.

In partnership with Delici, Martin Hollanda also launched Expoflora 2022 BOTANY “Stroopwafel and ice cream”. There are two discs filled with pistachio, coffee, chocolate or ice cream. Depending on the taste of the consumer, they can be served with hot syrup, made of semisweet chocolate. This pleasure will have exclusive kiosk, installed in Alameda do Beijo.

news from stroopwafels will also be explained in this topic expoflora because Oma Beppie, which will launch a “premium” version of the traditional Dutch wafer, in sizes 7 cm and 13 cm (super). The things that will be made will be sweet and white chocolate, decorated with chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, chocolate confetti, crushed grains, chopped peanuts and grated coconut and edible flowers, including small roses, petunias, carnations and carnations.

Bloempot (flower in a pot) with edible flowers

The one who also brought edible flowers to decorate the dishes is Casa Bela Restaurant, in the new version Bloempot (flower in a pot). It is a dessert made of semi-sweet chocolate and milk cream, with cookies. oreo crushed, mimicking the soil in which verbena, zinnias, geraniums, carvinas, pansy, cosmos and princess earrings are “planted”, all produced in Holambra.

Edible flowers are selected from non-toxic varieties and grown in a greenhouse without any pesticides or chemicals. These precautions make them safe for human consumption, without causing health risks.

Different types are cultivated. different types different types different types different types’ : they are cultivated in Sítio Pica-pau, in Holambra. Among them are roses, pansies, carnations, marigolds, geraniums, begonias, lavenders, snapdragons, nasturtiums and honey flowers, each of which has its own color, shape and form that enriches the creativity of chefs in the decoration of sweets, sweets and ice cream. , makes them also appealing to the eyes.

Although they have more decorative than culinary appeal, edible flowers are perfect for recipes and provide a taste experience with their bright flavors that range from sweet to spicy.

Pansy, with its sweet taste, for example, is widely used in desserts, pies and cakes. The sweet taste, which means cloves, is also filled with special colored sweets and sweets.

Lavender – with its unmistakable color and aroma – adds a touch to more acidic dishes, such as fruit salads. In the recipe with lavinia, it is possible to recognize the delicate taste of this edible flower.

This culinary combination is gaining more and more space in Brazilian cuisine. The market for these flowers is growing. Only Sítio Pica-pau sells about 400 units of this product every week.

The demand, from all regions of Brazil, has already produced a significant increase, which has reached a better level than the average during the epidemic.

Ice creams

In addition to “Stroopwafel and ice cream” Delicci and introduces guests to expoflora ice cream darkness, made with vegan semisweet chocolate, and popsicle Driver, in the shape of a spiral, filled with syrup made from glucose, which is used to cover ice cream used in bowls.

popsicle drill It is offered in chocolate flavor with hazelnut, truffle milk, Swiss lemon, strawberry, chocolate with strawberry, sweet milk and soft milk. Two of these options receive specific syrups: chocolate with hazelnut has hazelnut cream syrup in the spiral, and truffle milk has a delicious chocolate truffle syrup.

Ice creams already purified by the public expoflora Still on sale, such as rose flower – flavored with fruit juice and mixed with jam from the same flower -, coffee with hazelnut and chocolate with Cookies.

Special dishes

Martin Holanda’s restaurant and bar will also have three delicious new dishes, inspired by Dutch cuisine. They are: yes “Oma Dini” (in honor of Mrs. Diny Gerritsen, who founded a bakery, for the love she cooked for her family), which consisted of potatoes, sausages. Frankfurter and pork, finished with sauerkraut; BOTANY “Bitterballen chicken” (traditional round chicken croquette with spices, crispy on the outside and very creamy on the inside) and “Burger if Eisbein” (sliced ​​pork knuckle, caramelized onion, mustard, fritessauce and a cheese plate served on brioche bread).

More information on the party’s website.

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