French Press Coffee and Bohème Sablé Biscuits

(Photo: Leonardo Costa)
French cafes inspired Christian Boyer to promote Bohème (Photo: Leonardo Costa)

Still outside, the facade already shows that, inside, it is another world. And that’s right: from the name to the menu concept, Christian Boyer imagines Bohème Café as a little piece of French territory. But the most attractive thing about this space is the smell. Strong but strong coffee aroma. “It is the mind of coffee”, explained the creator of the coffee shop, which opened about two months ago in Rua Francisco Brandi 177, São Mateus. There, the idea is to make the drink not an accompaniment, but a flagship. The name even reflects all this: bohème is bohemia, in French. Christian says bohemia is the birthplace of French coffee: his greatest inspiration.
Coffee is universal. “Whoever enters this area, cannot return”, he laughed. Because according to him, if he knows more about what to drink, then he wants to know. Christian said that nowadays, with the increasing number of centers dedicated to specialty coffee, many people ask him which, after all, is the real thing. “We always think of this very sweet black coffee from our ancestors, which is usually the first way we drink it. But the whole process of the drink depends on the things that range from the plant to the preparation. Today, we have already shown these opportunities and ways to drink coffee.” Temperature, for example, is one of the variables in the preparation: it changes the taste of the drink. And this changes even when the beans are being ground depending on the weather in Bohème.
The products that are used in the dining area are also made for the city’s famous manufacturers, so that there is an opportunity for what Christian calls the coffee shop circuit, as it happened, according to him, in the big cities. cities. “But we understand that, in every coffee shop, there will be a variety of coffee, and distribution is interesting to stimulate that interest.” But what does not change much is the cookie that comes with the coffee, the sablé: not sweet and salty, in the right size to be tasted with the drink. And this is one of the recipes that he decided to teach the readers. Makes 80 servings.
The rest can only be coffee. As he said: “Coffee can be cruel. It is not enough to have a good grain: all the process and equipment are important for the result”. French beans, in addition to being pleasant, unlike hard ones, allow all the essential oils to pass through and reach the coffee, leaving the taste even sweeter. But you really need to follow the steps that Christian has given you.

New Biscuit

240 g butter without salt
280 g wheat flour
150 g almond flour
120 g of sugar
3g of salt
35 g can
5g vanilla essence or extract
just shave
Crystal or demerara sugar

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Preparation mode
Beat the butter with the icing sugar in a stand mixer until pale and fluffy. Then add salt and mix, then add the egg yolks and vanillin essence and stir until combined. With a silicone spatula, mix the wheat flour and the pureed almonds until you have a smooth dough. Place the dough on a sheet of parchment paper and roll it out to form a cylinder as thick as you like. Place in the freezer for at least 1 hour. Remove the cylinder from the freezer and roll the dough in demerara or crystal sugar. Cut the frozen discs from 1cm to 1.5cm thick and place on a greased baking sheet. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and let the cookies cool on a wire rack.

French Bohème Café

15g special coffee of choice
200ml filtered water (not mineral)

Preparation mode
Use medium/coarse granulometry for coffee and preferably grind the beans during preparation. Boil the water to about 94 degrees (if it is boiling, let it rest for 40s before use). Blanch the French press and discard the water to heat. Add 15g of ground coffee and 200ml of water and close the container. Leave to infuse for 2 minutes. Open the lid and break the crust with a spoon. He slowly stirred the coffee. Close and let it do another 2 minutes. After a total time of 4 minutes, descend with the plunger slowly to the end. Serve slowly.

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