Global influence on railway operations

Years have passed and more and more research has been done on such effects and relationships. At the moment, we know that there are telephone networks in the North and South of the country, but how will these things affect the railway operations? Before answering such a question, we must know such things.

The highlight of the convergence phenomenon is the Southern Oscillation (OS). OS has a direct impact on the assets of companies in South America, whether due to the lack of rain or growth, which affects not only the work activities, but also the cost of energy directly.

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Among the events that have the most impact on the activities and services of the railways in the Brazilian region are the events of La nina and El nino, and such events cause direct economic losses in Brazil and therefore for railway operators. Here in South America (US) it suffers from waves known as tidal waves. Floods and floods are phenomena that cause rain or drought in an area. The influence of the South Atlantic Pacific (PSA) on an intra-seasonal scale affects the Midwest, Southeast and South of the Northeast through the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ). The SACZ is one of the main rainwater channels that cause the risk of floods, floods, landslides, power outages, etc. This is one of the examples of the telecommunication system that is happening in the country and it affects the regions of the country.

A common example in the literature is blocking systems, which are large events and currents that block the passage of frontal systems in the southern part of the country. The road blocking system has a direct impact on the railway in the southern part of the country, because when it is working, it favors the next system to stand still and, therefore, the amount of rain and the intensity of these events are stronger, stronger and and strong. heavy rains, changes in water flow, wind and strong waves.

Given this reason, understanding the nature of vulnerability is one of the ways to strengthen resilience. Climatempo has expertise in the market with analysis of this size, which helps companies in decision-making and in the ESG framework, from the human perspective and the low carbon economy.

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