How about a fried cookie? See the recipe for São Tiago, the land of coffee and biscuits

Discover a recipe from the famous vegetarians of São Tiago, the city of coffee and biscuits in Minas Gerais. Try the fried sprinkle biscuits.

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The passage through São Tiago is coming to an end, but in the land of coffee and cookies, it would be a sin not to say goodbye to another opportunity to enjoy this unmistakable combination. The last stop was at the house of Ilza Alves Reis who, together with her daughter Márcia Helena Souza, make true works of art in the kitchen.

From the side of the road, the smell coming through the window is enough to leave the travelers’ mouths watering, anticipating what awaits them inside.

When you get to the kitchen, the table is ready and, in the center of attention, a display of local knowledge in the art of serving. Golden and fragrant, fried sprinkle biscuit is a recipe that has been prepared by the family for many years. Marcia said: “When I was a child, I remember my mother would spend the night baking cookies for us to eat the next day, before we went to school.

The visit is quick, but enough to keep good memories that make the way back more enjoyable. To the next one!

From the Series: Homes and Quitandas of Minas Gerais*


  • 500 g sour cream
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/3 cup (tea) of granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup (US) oil, enough to fry
  • 5 free eggs or 5 free eggs


Put flour in a bowl and salt

Boil the oil and remove it once it is hot.

Add the sprinkles carefully and stir well until it cools down a bit.

In the middle of the mixture, put the sugar and, on top, break the eggs one by one.

Knead well until you get rolling points (the dough needs to be soft)

In a pan, heat enough oil to cover the cookies.

Make a ring with the dough and, when the oil is very hot, put the cookies little by little

With a fork, turn the cookies every now and then, so they don’t burst with the same color.

Remove when they are golden

Fried biscuit sprinkles: Recipe from São Tiago-MG

*Recipe provided by Ilza Alves Reis and Marcia Helena Souza, from São Tiago for the project Sabores de Minas

Map of Gastronomic Regions of Minas Gerais: São Tiago District is located in the Mantiqueira/Centro Sul Territory


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