How to make date pudding: an easy recipe and a great choice as a dessert

Mossoró-RN, September 20, 2022, by Kaio Gomes – Discover the best way to sweeten your day with this special recipe date pudding. This fruit is originally from the Middle East and can be used for a variety of dishes.

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In this way, we will show you how to use the dates you have in the fridge and make the best pudding. So, find out more about the origin of the fruit, the ingredients and the preparation method of the recipe below!

What is the origin of the day?

Known to be used in recipes such as butter, salads and even crepes, dates are a common fruit that originated in the Middle East. Although you probably know which one is the most popular, there are over 40 types of fruit out there.

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How to make date pudding: an easy to make gringa recipe and a great choice as a dessert!  Source: Freepik.
How to make date pudding: an easy to make gringa recipe and a great choice as a dessert! Source: Freepik.

However, it has spread around the world and today it is dried to be used in different dishes, such as dates, which you will hear how to do below!

Ingredients for Date Pudding

While this may seem like a complicated recipe, it actually takes just a few ingredients that you can easily find. That’s why blog Call Tax it will show you all the necessary things. Check it out below:

– 4 egg whites;

– 1 cup of sugar;

– 230 g pitted dates, chopped;

– 1 cup of roasted peanuts, without shell;

– 1 cup of chopped almonds.

Recipe preparation method

You already know everything you need for the recipe, so let’s get down to business, how to prepare your date pudding! First, you must beat the egg whites well and slowly add sugar until they are stiff. Once this is done, it’s time to add dates, walnuts and almonds and mix well until everything is smooth.

Now, put the mixture in a round shape with a hole and cover it with an aluminum lid. Then take it to the oven at 165ºC for about 30 minutes, then remove the paper and leave your pudding in the oven for 10 minutes. Finally, just wait for it to cool down and resolve yours date pudding to serve you!

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