Is sugar safe? A nutritionist has identified 14 different types

If you love sweets, but want to start or maintain a healthier diet, you are probably already wondering about it. Finally, Is there any kind of healthy sugar or not? And the answer is not easy, because it all depends on the context.

This means that, if your food is well prepared, there is room for everything. But, it is true that, to include in food, there are more interesting options than traditional refined sugar. Therefore, with the help of nutritionist and vegetarian, Cintia Pettinati, we have detailed information about 14 types of products. See:

14 types of sugar and what to expect from each

1. Brown sugar: it is the raw, dark and moist sugar that is extracted after the sugarcane juice has been boiled. As this type does not pass through the modification, it keeps calcium, iron and mineral salts. In this way, it ends up being a healthier option than the traditional one. But it is worth remembering that it is still caloric. Not to mention that its taste, similar to that of sugar water, is not the same.

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two. Diabetes: Known to be one of the most expensive types of sugar extracted from wood, demerara is also one of the types used to make beautiful sweets. With a softer taste than brown, the ingredients go through purification and cleaning, however, without the ingredients. Therefore, it controls the mineral content of sugar.

3. Organic sugar: Much like brown sugar, organic sugar does not use pesticides in its planting and cultivation, or artificial chemicals in the manufacturing process. In addition, it was not cleaned, which gave it a small grain and a dark color. Therefore, its use is related to the lack of chemical components and the preservation of mineral salts, not to the caloric value and nutrition.

4. soft sugar: The most suitable version for those looking to lose weight with natural food, light sugar is a mixture of refined sugar with artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which is four times sweeter than natural forms. Therefore, although it does not contain fat and calories, refined sugar is sweet and is used in large quantities, which leads to eating less food.

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more different

5. Coconut Sugar: one of the best options for restricted food preparation. It is lighter, less caloric and more nutritious than any other dessert on the market. Not to mention that one of the benefits is its low glycemic level. That is, this prevents it from turning into glucose in the blood quickly, it is good for those who follow a specific diet and those with diabetes.

6. Cane molasses: It is the type of water extracted directly from sugarcane, which also has the ability to be sweet and strong. Therefore, it preserves all nutrients, such as iron, calcium, selenium, manganese and copper, and it is indicated for those with low immunity, anemia, to avoid excessive bleeding and give strength to muscles.

7. Maltodextrin: The result of the hydrolysis of starch or starch, which is usually presented commercially in the form of white powder, which contains a mixture of many oligomers of glucose, which contains 5 to 10 units. These molecules are fast metabolized in the human body. That is, they contribute to the growth of insulin (insulin spike) in the blood.

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8. Fructose: It is also a natural sweetener, extracted from fruits or corn. With a very sweet taste, the tool has a low nutritional value and is used in the production of industrial sweets.


9. Crystal Sugar: Among the types of sugar available, this one is characterized by large light or yellow crystals. And it has almost the same properties as refined sugar. There is also crystal sugar, which contains food coloring. It is suitable for preparing recipes and sweet desserts and for use as decoration in bread, cakes and cookies.

10. Diabetes: It is also known as icing sugar, it is good for preparing cream, toppings and other similar icings, because it has the best grain that allows for an important combination, even when it is cold. In the manufacturing process, the modification is sophisticated and includes the addition of starch to prevent the microcrystals from reuniting. As it is very fine (it looks like baby powder), it is the best kind of decoration for pies, cakes and cookies.

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11. Refined sugar: traditional, which we can easily find in any supermarket. As its name suggests, the grains are fine and therefore easy to dissolve. But, it is worth remembering that, in the manufacturing process, ingredients are added. This causes loss of vitamins and minerals.

The industry also uses sugar

12. Diabetes: it looks like syrup, which is exactly what it is. In a reaction of sucrose, traditional sugar, with water and heat, the molecule breaks down and splits into glucose and fructose. It is widely used to make candies and cookies as it prevents crystallization and acts as a “preservative”. It is available in candy and specialty stores.

13. sugar water: This type is used in the food industry to prepare carbonated drinks, sweets, candies and is difficult to find in supermarkets. To prepare at home, just dissolve the refined in water. It is good for preparing syrups and desserts.

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14. Glucose syrup: The main use of glucose in cooking is to prevent the sugar from forming that crust around the candy. This is because it has a low freezing point, which helps not to make brigadiers hard, for example. Easy to find, it also appears like corn syrup.

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