Learn how to make banofee with biscuit and Rô

The recipe failed. This is how chef Rosângela Santos Silva, 55, a resident of the neighborhood of São José in it boat, set biscuit champagne banoffe. Banana cookies were awarded in ninth place in the Culinary Competition 2021, promoted by Diário Gaúcho in collaboration with Asun Supermercados. The chef has entered the recipe in other editions. And persistence is the main thing she will have to gain acceptance.

– In some cases, I did not get the desired results. But I decided to stop posting only when I was elected, because I recognized the possibility of sweets. It is important to create and create style in the kitchen – he said.

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Registration for the eating contest begins today.

Rosângela has been making cakes at her home for 20 years. After a few days in the hotels, the desire arose to know how the food of these places works. Therefore, wanting to learn more about the organization and development of these facilities, she applied for a job in an agency that provides services to several hotel chains:

– I went, he saw backstage and fell in love with the rush. Today, I have been working exclusively with this for six years.

The competition prizes are only part of the results. A recipe made by chance at the hotel he worked in became famous. Rosângela said that, at the moment, all special guests receive coffee with sweet, as a form of pleasure.

In addition, she said that every day she hears positive feedback about the program, which is often done for lunch served there. By the way, banoffe and Rô are already known in some parts of the country:

– The team responsible for internal communication reports with me. The news of the competition was sent to all the hotels in the chain, in different places in Brazil, it was very good – she said, enthusiastically.

Cooking competition 2022

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/// Registration is open to participate in the eating contest. You can submit one or more recipes until July 1st.
/// The form is available on the website diariogaucho.com.br and in Asun stores. You can also send the recipe by mail to Rua Zero Hora, 99, Bairro Azenha, Porto Alegre.
/// There will be 20 prize winning options: 10 sweet and 10 sweet.
/// You can enter as many recipes as you like, but remember: each one must be entered separately.

/// – Can be frozen for up to 30 days. To defrost, remove it from the freezer the day before and leave it in the refrigerator. When you serve it, it will look like new.

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400 g of dulce de leche
300 g of sour cream
300 g of champagne biscuits
1 kg of banana
30 g cinnamon powder
1 cup cold milk (cold)
1/2 can of milk


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/// In a medium dish or container, layer the bottom with the biscuit. Pour cold milk over them to soak them.

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/// Spread dulce de leche over cookies.

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/// Place sliced ​​bananas on top. Then sprinkle with cinnamon.

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/// Whip the cream with the milk mixture until stiff peaks form (when you lift the beaters, it should form peaks).

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/// Garnish with whipped cream. Sprinkle again with cinnamon and refrigerate until serving time.

LOT: 8 meals

/// Who can participate? Any readers who have a delicious recipe to share with DG.
/// What do I need to send? Send the recipe, which is described with the quantity and type of ingredients and the method of preparation, in addition to your full name, address and phone number, so that we can call you.
/// Where and how do I ship? You can use three service channels to submit a prescription. They are: DG WhatsApp, by phone (51) 99759-5693, email atendimento@diariogaucho.com.br and our address (for mailing): Avenida Erico Veríssimo, 400, Bairro Azenha, Porto Alegre /LOL. My zip code is 90160-180.

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