M. Dias Branco is present at the return of Expoagas

Expoagas, the biggest expo in a mall in the entire Southern Cone, is back. With a strong presence in Rio Grande do Sul, M. Dias Branco was at the event with the Isabela brand, leader in biscuits in the south of the country, in addition to taking products with national distribution, such as Piraquê, Finna and the date where Fit Food, Frontera and Smart are found. The 39th Expoagas is organized by AGAS, Associação Gaúcha de Supermercados, and will take place between August 23 and 25 at the FIERGS Activity Center, in Porto Alegre-RS.

In the 75 meter long, M. Dias Branco will offer a taste of recipes with his products, including prepared pizzas. Rumors are prepared with leading signs in the city in the northeast, therefore, an expert in the subject. Targeted at the food service sector, there is Finna, the market leader in the home sector and a favorite among professional users of flour as a raw material, such as bakers and pizza chefs, and the Gold Medal, for industrial flour. Isabela’s home town was also prominent at the event.

Isabela’s complete portfolio of pasta and cookies will be available at the Gaúcha Supermarket, focusing on the line of stuffed cookies: Wafer (100g), Mousse (130g) and Tartlets (140g) in milk flavor delicious, in collaboration with Mu-Mu, which is the perfect match when it comes to dulce de leche in the south of Brazil. Another novelty is the new Chocks biscuit range, in white chocolate flavor (100.8g) and Chocks Bag chocolate flavor (63g), in addition to the Minions line of instant noodles.

M. Dias Branco’s bet on the premium biscuits part, Piraquê presents a wide portfolio of biscuits, such as Goiabinha, and Malted Milk biscuit in a purified version and covered with chocolate and Cream Cracker Sesame. In addition to the original recipe, all products have come out for a visual mark, which ensures the position in the places of sale.

M. Dias Branco is present at the return of Expoagas – Photo: M. Dias Branco / Disclosure

M. Dias Branco has extensive leadership in the biscuit and pasta markets, in addition to relevant activities in other categories, such as margarine and toast. Now, the Company is expanding its portfolio of products to other categories, with health products, snacks and spices, ensuring the convenience of being present at certain times and following the conditions of use. In this context, Fit Food is one of the best bets, with different solutions for consumers, with a strong portfolio of snacks, pasta and cookies made with delicious natural ingredients. Frontera branded snacks will also be introduced, in addition to Smart sauces, condiments and condiments. The complete file will be available at the event.

According to Fábio Melo, Marketing Director at M. Dias Branco, in addition to the opportunity to expose and expand the distribution of Fit Food, Frontera and Smart products, the Company is increasingly connecting to the needs of the public. “As market leaders, we have the role of developing the categories in which we operate, based on deep knowledge of consumers, combining this understanding with the launch of products, campaigns and services that generate revenue and profit for the few market. In addition, we want to be a food company with a large portfolio, addressing many needs. Therefore, presenting the new products found at Expoagas represents a unique opportunity,” he said.

In 2019, the last edition of Expoagas, the results of the event were amazing, with R$ 539 million in the negotiations. After three years, the expectation of the Associação Gaúcha de Supermercados, which has organized the Rio Grande do Sul Supermarkets Convention since 1981, is to reach a record audience and reach R$ 560 million in business.

“We are very happy to bring back Expoagas, considering the strength of the event for our business. It will be a good opportunity to review customers and partners, in addition to expanding the mix offered for sale”, in said Fabio Melo.


Expoagas 2022 – Gaucho Supermarket Conference
Between August 23 and 25, from 9 am to 9 pm.
Fiergs Events Center, in Porto Alegre.
Av. Assis Brasil, 8787, Porto Alegre, RS.

M. Dias Branco SA Industria e Comercio de Alimentos

Founded in 1953, M. Dias Branco SA Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos is a food company with shares traded in the Novo Mercado sector on B3. Its history begins in the 1940s, when Portuguese businessman and immigrant Manuel Dias Branco opened the Padaria Imperial, in Fortaleza (CE), expanding its operations throughout Brazil.

Owning the main brands, the main ones are Vitarella, Piraquê, Adria, Fortaleza, Richester and Isabela, the company produces and sells biscuits, pasta, wheat flour and water, margarine and vegetable oil, snacks, cakes, cake mixes , they are covered in chocolate. and toast. Headquartered in Eusébio (CE), it is the market leader in biscuits and pasta in Brazil, in the top 10 in the world in the global ranking of these sectors by revenue. Through the acquisition of Latinex, which was completed in November 2021, the Company also became the owner of the brands Fit Food, Smart and Frontera, expanding its position in the healthy food market, with products such as dry rice, peanut butter, chocolate, pasta made from corn and spices.

Its activities have created more than 16 thousand direct jobs in different regions, which shows its commitment to important things for the economic and social development of the country. It is a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and promotes many initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, M. Dias Branco has 16 factories or factories, seven of which have wheat milling systems. Its departments are equipped with modern equipment, follow strict quality standards, work with a direct integration model that allows the production of its most important raw materials, wheat flour and vegetable fat, which are used in the production some products. The company has more than 30 business branches strategically located in different states of the country, which allows the presence of its products throughout the country, and in more than 40 countries on all continents.

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