Native women from Aquidauana are trained in food

The subprefecture in Taunay District Station offered a training course aimed at indigenous women, workers in the extractivism of fruits from the Cerrado and Pantanal, held last Friday (26), in Aquidauana.

2022-04-12 - Aquidauana Drugstore

The training worked with women on the reuse or use of basic types for food purposes in school lunches in local urban schools, such as in the production of bread, cookies, jelly, cakes, ice cream, and others food.

The quality of fruits shows great potential for use in the form of pulp or flour, which can be used in different preparations.

According to the city, this training project is the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Aquidauana through the Ministry of Municipal Works and the Center for Food and Nutrition of Schools (CECANE / UFMS) and AGRAER.

In doubt, the issues of recipe standardization have also been addressed, so that the product always has the same taste and nutritional value.

“The women also created recipes for bread enriched with jatobá flour, bocaiuva flour, cookies with acurí flour, cookies with guavira flour and bocaiuva jelly. All the recipes produced were well received by the people who tasted the course,” said Janir Gonçalves Leite, from the Municipal Production Department, who accompanied the project.

Women of the Vukapanavó Association (Aldeia Imbirussu) and the Terena Solidarity Women’s Association (Aldeia Bananal) participated in this process, seeking to improve the appreciation, use and sales of the products they have in the village, among them, cumbaru nut, of bocaiuva . , jatoba flour, canned tamarind. They also received guidance on how to work together to provide bread to the local community and PNAE (school meals).

This course is taught by the following professors: Raquel Pires Campos FACFAN/UFMS, biologist Rosane Bastos – Environmental Services, Haideline Kuff Mertens – PPG Master’s student Health and Regional Development at UFMS. Artists representing Agaer Aquidauana, Simone Rodrigues Pereira Correa and Ivania de Oliveira Conde also participated.

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