Pancake Salad – Santa Recipe

For pancake batter


1 cup of milk

½ cup cream (milk)

1 cup (tea) wheat flour

2 tablespoons of oil

3 eggs

salt to taste

How to prepare the dough:

In a blender, mix all the ingredients, heat a frying pan with oil, put small pieces of dough and let it brown on both sides.

here’s the soup


1 cup (tea) of mayonnaise

1 cup plain yogurt

¼ cup (tea) of olive oil

5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

salt to taste

Directions for preparing the soup:

Mix all the ingredients. Sesame and Parmesan to sprinkle



10 pancakes ready to eat

Finely chopped escarole leaves or other greens of your choice

2 grated carrots

2 sliced ​​skinless tomatoes

¼ cup olives (chopped)

200 g of chopped pork

½ cup (tea) of celery

¼ cup parsley

Mass salad:

On a metal plate, make layers of sliced ​​pancakes, put a little sauce on them. Escarole, a little sauce. Tomato sauce. A little olive sauce. pork a little soup. Parsley and last parsley. The rest of the sauce is sprinkled with sesame and Parmesan.




Santa Receita, from Monday to Friday, at 3:40 pm.

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