Piraquê teaches how to make Malted Milk Biscuit Alfajor | SEGS defined report

The recipe makes 20 units and will surprise everyone

How about new things in cooking with original recipes? Alfajor is already delicious, imagine, then, when you win Quê de Piraquê!

The tip of Piraquê, a brand of snacks, cookies and pasta from M. Dias Branco, is to combine malted cookies with sweetened milk. The recipe produces about 20 units and the result is surprising with a special taste.

Check the preparation method below:

Malted Milk Biscuit Alfajor


2 packs of Piraquê Malted Milk Biscuits
100 g of butter
100 g of sugar
1 egg
80 g of corn starch
1 can of condensed milk
1 can Boiled dulce de leche
1 can of sour cream
1 cup finely grated coconut
½ cup confectioners sugar

Preparation mode

– In a food processor, finely grind the malted cookies. Reserve
– In a container, mix the butter and sugar with the help of fouet. Beat well. Add egg and mix well.
– Add corn flour and malted biscuit flour and mix well with your hands until it forms a dough.
– Between two pieces of plastic, open the dough with the help of a roller to about 0.5mm.
– With a round cutter of 6 cm diameter, cut cookies, place on a non-stick baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 6 minutes or until golden. Set aside to cool.
– In a pan, add condensed milk, dulce de leche and cream. Take it to medium heat and stir until you give brigadeiro point or until it starts to loosen from the bottom of the pan. Reserve
– On the cookie, spread a spoonful of dulce de leche brigadeiro and cover with another cookie.
– Put the side in the frozen coconut and finish with icing sugar.
– Repeat the process with all the cookies and serve.

Production: 20 units
Preparation time: 90 minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes

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About Piraquê

Founded in 1950 and with 70 years of history, the Rio de Janeiro brand of cookies, pasta and toast has a factory equipped with high technology, which works to ensure that the products arrive fresh at the locations sale Its mission is to produce and provide quality food products at a good price, and provide welfare for everyone. The brand, acquired by M. Dias Branco in May 2018, is expanding its operations throughout the country.

M. Dias Branco SA Industria e Comercio de Alimentos

Founded in 1953, M. Dias Branco SA Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos is a food company with shares traded in the Novo Mercado sector on B3. Its history begins in the 1940s, when Portuguese businessman and immigrant Manuel Dias Branco opened the Padaria Imperial, in Fortaleza (CE), expanding its operations throughout Brazil.

Owning the main brands, the main ones are Vitarella, Piraquê, Adria, Fortaleza, Richester and Isabela, the company produces and sells biscuits, pasta, wheat flour and water, margarine and vegetable oil, snacks, cakes, cake mixes , they are covered in chocolate. and toast. Headquartered in Eusébio (CE), it is the market leader in cookies and pasta in Brazil, the sixth largest pasta company and the seventh largest cookie company in the world by revenue. Through the acquisition of Latinex, completed in November 2021, the Company also became the owner of the brands Fit Food, Smart, Taste & Co and Frontera, expanding its position in the healthy food market, with products such as dry rice, peanut butter , chocolate, chocolate. , pasta made from corn and spices.

Its activities have created more than 16 thousand direct jobs in different regions, which shows its commitment to important things for the economic and social development of the country. It is a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and promotes many initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, M. Dias Branco has 15 factories or factories, seven of which have wheat milling systems. Its teams have modern equipment, follow important quality standards, work with a direct integration product that allows the production of its most important raw materials, wheat flour and vegetable fat, used in manufacturing other products. . The company has more than 30 business branches strategically installed in different states of the country, which allows the presence of its products throughout the country, and in more than 40 countries on all continents.

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