Pisces zodiac sign forecast today, September 20, 2022

Family members will question some of your thoughts and actions. There will be skirmishes and small fights. Use diplomacy in everything, and so will your success.

Pisces zodiac traits

Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, the sixth of negative nature (female) and the quality of change. It symbolizes destruction and its symbol represents two fishes swimming in opposite directions. He belongs, along with Cancer and Scorpio, to the Water sector. It is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Her opposite sign is Virgo.

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in love, Fish they fall in love, they like to take it slow, and they like to go overboard for the one they love or love. They often fantasize about their ideal relationship and create movies in their heads. In relationships, they are patient, understanding and loving, they seek stability.

For friendship, the most suitable signs for Pisces are Aries, Gemini and Libra, although the most suitable for everything is Cancer (they are the most mysterious of the zodiac) and Pisces themselves. It will be the same with Taurus.

Date of signature: 02/20 to 03/20
Guardian Angel: Theliel
Tip of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 1-5-41-16-27-70-37

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