Salad dressing with dates, lemon and mint – Paladar

This time the main recipe is soup and salad, and more. The reason is simple, this date cream has the ability to turn a few leaves into something amazing. The idea is to use Medjol dates, large, soft ones that have more pulp, but as the pocket is not extravagant…

Salad with dates and mint sauce Photo: Tiago Queiroz/Estadão

The soup can be more or less thick, according to your preference. I made it very thick – almost a puree – and did a great job on the salad. I used a variety of greens, baby carrots, slivers of almonds, goat cheese and roasted figs – it’s a great summer snack. But enjoy the creativity. Oh, the recipe is in there Natural food for everyday life (Sarah Britton, Cia de Mesa, 2021). If you have leftovers, store the sauce in the refrigerator, in a tightly sealed container, for up to 4 days.


1Put the lemon zest and juice in a food processor, add the mint and dates. Beat until you get a uniform texture.

twoSlowly add the oil, beating daily. Add a tablespoon or two of water to dilute it, or a little more if necessary. Season with salt

3Wash the figs and dry them, cut them into quarters.

4Bake them on a hot, ungreased grill or pan. Remove from heat and set aside.

5Divide the salad on individual plates, placing a spoonful of the dressing in the center of each plate, or, if it is too liquid, pour the dressing over the salad.

6Add roasted figs and a spoonful of creamy goat cheese. Spread almond slivers and serve.

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