Say goodbye to dry hands with these foolproof tips

dry hands Representing the characteristics of autumn and winter, since the cold their hands have lost hydration. This will have an overall effect excellence na women which will not be enough to do a manicure to get some shine again.

Therefore, we recommend that you use some techniques so that your cut hands stop tormenting you.

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In addition to dehydration, there are other factors that can affect it excellence of the hands: the presence of chronic skin diseases (eczema or psoriasis); old age (hands stop producing with age); physical illness; frequent use of chemicals, hot baths daily and frequent hand washing.

Many studies have found that everyone can hear dry hands from time to time, regardless of sex and age, especially in the winter months. But there are people who are more susceptible to these cracks, such as those who suffer from skin rashes or those whose hands are wet from work.

Treatment for dry hands

To treat cracked hands, we must know that it is not the same for someone with eczema or someone who is allergic to something, for example. THE women those who do not suffer from any of them can use cortisone drugs, urea-based creams, phototherapy, or antibiotics. And those who suffer from this split should avoid exposure to other external factors such as cold, sun, wind and wash their hands with cold or very hot water.

Finally, experts recommend using a mild, mild soap or a soap-free detergent. Likewise, to avoid dry hands change her beauty women , a moisturizing cream should be used after each wash and when the hands start to dry (oatmeal, vaseline or urea base).

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