See the recipe for Rice Balls and Cheese Biscuits

Sweet or salty. Fried, baked or cold. It doesn’t matter. The recipes you will learn at the end of the week are on the first or last page of the menu.

Options that serve as a starter or dessert – or appetizer, snack, snack, etc. – often occupy the side of the menus. Often unfair.

But, even if they are not the main dish, it is a delicious dish that pleases many people. The first for taste and versatility, while they go well, in practice, at all times.

And, secondly, although not least, use what you can control the preparation of the third pleasure, at least in the form that we present here, to develop your taste adventure: rice ball, cheese biscuit and three-milk. ice cream. Do you want to see?


It used to appear on the home table from the rice that we left in the refrigerator, the rice ball gradually takes its place during the day.

In all regions of the country, and under the most diverse variety of ingredients and preparations, the snack has risen greatly in the popular taste that has progressed from the home table to restaurants of all prices.

Also grilled, with pepper, spinach or dark mustard, the rice balls currently take fried sausages, skewers or any other entry of the first group. If the kitchen has everything there, you won’t spend more than 20 minutes preparing them. And if you are a good cook, you can make it in just 15 minutes.

Some precautions are always recommended so that you do not lose control of the operation. For example, it is good to remember to be careful in the use of salt and pepper, which does not indicate the amount to be used.

It seems like it might not make sense to more mathematicians. But the old “salt to taste” is the best measure to please the audience. If, in fact, you focus on the taste of those who will eat, you will find out about good balance.

That doesn’t mean throwing salt and pepper around if the next diner is one of those who like to overeat. The taste and health must go hand in hand, whatever the gastronomic experience. And oil?

Also, in this method, attention should be paid to the type, canola, corn, soy and even olive oil are good. Important, in this case, is to avoid reprocessing of oil parts.

And it can be fried in a deep dive or the way the oil is around the waist of the dumplings. If so, check to see if you need to flip them so they’re all golden.

Finally, you can freeze the rice balls immediately after molding. The experts guarantee that they will withstand the strength and taste for up to three months in the freezer or freezer, without losing the crunch and moisture characteristics. If you’re going to fry on time, you don’t need to make a template.

To avoid running, you can simply drop the parts in the hot oil.


In half an hour, actually 30 minutes, these soft cheese cookies are ready. They also don’t need any bachelor’s degree to make you look good in the kitchen when you’re in a hurry.

Consider the choice of cheese, since it is a dairy product, from the name of the snack, which indicates the food of the time. No small amount of caution should be taken with coconut milk. Make sure that the part is, according to the recipe, cold when you prepare it.

This ensures that the cookie dough gets to the right place before, during and after the oven step. And don’t let the cookies sit too long. If you fall asleep on the subject during this stage, everyone will eat hard cookies.


The key word for a successful driving triple milk ice cream recipe is de-li-ca-de-za. Especially when mixing three milks – cream, soft milk and powdered milk.

If typing by hand, work with the foot carefully. That is, nothing that you have to use too much force or exceed your maximum hand speed.

In the mixer, just set the device to the lowest speed. And again, add powdered milk, very slowly.

Leave your voracity for a moment to taste the food and you won’t regret it. Now, to work and bon appetit.

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