Students from the municipal network of Lucas do Rio Verde compete at the national level of the Escola MPT Award.

Lucas do Rio Verde will be represented at the national level of the MPT Escola 2022 Award, organized by the Ministry of Public Works. The award aims to bring the issue of child slavery into the community, through the school community, to transform academics into educational promoters, and consists of selecting and awarding the best literary, artistic and cultural works by school students. produce Public school foundation.

This year, the themes were “children’s work”, for students of grades 4 and 5 (Group 1), and “young professionals / students”, for students of grades 6 and 7), which will need to be addressed in the categories: Short Story, Poetry, Music and Painting.

The students Kaick Figueiredo Alves and Guilherme de Figueiredo Dani, from year 5, from the Érico Verissimo Municipal School, were in 1st place in the category of poetry and registered for the national level of the award. The project was organized under the cooperation of the pedagogical supervisor, Carla Regina Schneider, and the Portuguese workshop teacher, Zilda Maria Selinger.

The results of the winners will be published through the MPT Portal ( until October 12, 2022.

More information on Lucas do Rio Verde:

In addition to this classification, Lucas do Rio Verde was also shown in the Short Story category, with the work of the student Davi Henrique da Silva Matiello, from the 5th year, from the Escola Municipal Vinícius de Morais, which came in 3rd place .

At the state level, the production of students Pamella Shaiane Alves Mendonça and Yasmin de Melo Muller, from the Érico Verissimo School, in the Drawing category (Group 1), and the work of student Victor Hugo Paravise, from the Municipal School Olavo Bilac, in the Poetry Category ( group 2).

In Mato Grosso, a committee composed of the Public Prosecutor, Helena Duarte Romera, and the staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the 23rd Region (PRT23), Elizandra Wilhelm and Lais Hoshino Kobayashi, conducted the and the work.

MPT at School
MPT at School aims to include, in the educational proposals and in the curriculum of the primary schools of the city, the issues related to the rights and services of children and young people, to strengthen the network of protection and access to the whole school community, with with due importance. and visibility to the subject.

This is an important initiative of the Save the Children programme, of the Ministry of Public Works, which seeks to combat child labor through prevention. The goal is to create ways to raise a collective conscience that can break the cultural barriers that lead to the creation and continuation of child labor. (With MPT)

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