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Miguel and Pedro remember the time they helped their father make lasagna.

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There is life after Bolognese. If you are still not convinced, you must know what Miguel and Pedro Valente have done. The brothers did not want to open a lasagna and style meat company and decided to go in a different direction. In front of Amassa, they prepare pasta and sauces with deliciousness through family recipes and the experiments they like to do in the kitchen.

Miguel and Pedro come from a family that likes to gather around the table. The brothers have been eating only pasta for a long time. While they are swimmers, they eat lunch and dinner, literally, every day.

“To not get sick and make the food as delicious as possible, we tried to create new flavors”, said Miguel, the oldest, who competed in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

None of them thought of the kitchen professionally. Pedro reconciled training with a physical education system and Miguel studied engineering and control and engineering.

Until the big one, when he failed to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo, he decided to become a chef and make pasta. The little one ended up going the same way.

lasagna pesto kneads
With every bite, you can feel the layers of pasta, sauce and cheese.

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Why did you choose lasagna? Immediately, they pointed out three reasons. First, because it is one of his favorite pastas. Second, to evoke good memories. The food that the father likes to make is when he goes to the kitchen and the brothers help to mix the pasta and sauce, usually Bolognese. Third, for business opportunities.

“We saw that there are cold dishes, with interesting fillings, but the lasagna was left out. No one invented much,” said Miguel.

As strange as it may seem, bolognese is the last flavor to enter the menu. From the beginning, they were in the mindset that they wanted to do something different and they tried to find something new. Everything was very discreet, nothing forced. As they have always loved cooking and creating recipes, they know that there is a world beyond fashionable meat. And they got it right the first time.

The dish that opened the menu – beef ribs with caramelized onions – has not stopped being a bestseller. The flavors of the hand-sliced ​​meat combine with the sweetness of the onion to create an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

the unexpected

Soon, pesto lasagna was born. Miguel and Pedro started with a recipe from none other than Massimo Bottura, one of the best chefs in the world. The Italian uses bread instead of pinoli, as is customary in his family.

Because of this unexpected ingredient, pesto is fat-free and has a creamy consistency. Believe me, the combination of red sauce with white and pesto is amazing.

Mushroom Lasagna with Caramelized Onions
Mushroom lasagna with caramelized onions was created for the friend who does not eat meat, but also found favor with meat eaters. (Photo: Olliv Stadium/Data)

The menu still has four more flavors. Sliced ​​chicken thighs with cheese and sauce that I always eat with pasta. Also in the family is the recipe for lamb sausage with red wine. “We respect the Italian culture, but we always put our culture in place”, said Pedro.

Mushrooms with caramelized onions were created for the friend who does not eat meat, but also found favor with carnivores.

Bolognese is sure of its place, yes. But how is it compatible with this proposal to escape from the poor? It is formed in layers of green pasta made with fresh spinach. According to the brothers, apart from being the best looking, it tastes better.

There is no doubt that lasagnas bring the story of a family interested in gastronomy. But that’s not all. The duo invests in the quality of the dough and the filling, always focusing on taste and experience, which is what really matters to those who will eat it.

“One of the differentiators of our lasagna is that it is well prepared. With every bite, you can feel all the types of pasta, sauce and cheese au gratin”, says Miguel.

Lasagna is sold frozen in two sizes (for two and four people).


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