The food vendors are starting to choose Biscuit Party recipes

The food vendors are starting to choose Biscuit Party recipes


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Biscuit makers and biscuit makers from Pará de Minas have already chosen the best recipes to make it well at “Festa do Biscoito – Sabores e Saberes”. The event is confirmed for next weekend, and with that, the next few days will be full of important events.

Organized as a kind of festival, the public will have the opportunity to follow both the production and exhibition of cookies and taste the delights while enjoying a great artistic program.

The one who has already confirmed her presence at the event is the businesswoman, Nadir Ferreira Rosa, from the MN biscuit shop. She intends to carry a variety of good products that are sold in her establishment that have a lot of Minas Gerais flavor and culture as a contrast.

The event will be opened on the 2nd of the month, at the Feira de Hortifrutis, on Avenida Brasil, on the 3rd of the month, the program will continue in the Praça Torquato de Almeida, where the story will be told, and children’s theater and music. The event is open to the public.
The craft of biscuit makers has been registered as a non-major Cultural Property of the Municipality of Pará de Minas since 2010.

Photo: Amilton Maciel/Radio Santa Cruz FM

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